“We have one $15 travel fee,(not per pet) per home added to your pets groom”

Afgahn $65-85Airdale $55-75Akita $60-80
Aust. Shep $50-70Amer. Eskimo $50-65Bichon $50-60
Beagle $45-55Border Collie $45-65Blue Heeler $45-65
Boston Terrier $45-55Boxer $45-55BrittanySpaniel $50-70
BouvierGT $65-85Cattle Dog $45-65Chihuahua $40-55
Carin Terrier $45-55Cocker Spaniel $50-60Cock-A-Poo $45-55
Chow $65-85Corgi $45-55Dachshund S/H $40-55 L/H $45-$55
Collie $65-85Dalmation $45-60Doberman $45-60
Dachshund L/H $40-60German Shep. $55-70Golden Ret. $65-70
English Setter $45-65Husky $60-75Irish Setter $55-65
Great Dane $55-70Jack Russell $45-55Keeshound $50-60
Irish Terrier $45-60Labrador $50-60Lhasa Apso $45-60
Kerry Blue Ter. $45-60Maltese $45-55Newfound $80-100
Malamute $65-85Papillon $45-55Pekingese $45-55
St. Bernard $80-100Poodle (Mini) $45-60Poodle Stand. $70-85
Poodle (Toy) $45-55O/E Sheepdog $75-85Rottweiler $50-65
Pug $40-55Scottish Ter. $45-55Schnauzer Mini $45-55
Samoyed $60-80Schipper Kee $45-55Shar Pei $45-55
Schnauzer $55-75Shih-tzu $45-55 Silky Terrier $40-55
Sheltie $45-60Springer Sp. $45-65Weimaraner $45-65
Spitz $45-55West H Ter. $45-55Wheaton Ter $50-55
Welsh Ter. $45-55Wire Fox Ter $45-55Yorkshire Ter $40-55
 Nail Trim $10 All Cats: $55 – $65


We Gladly Accept Credit/Debit Card Payments: American Express/Visa/MasterCard/Discover